[Hong Kong Spotlight] Code of Practice should be introduced in Hong Kong

The incident of a 5-week-old cat bitten to death by a Shiba dog has sparked public outcry. The police is now investigating the case and has classified it as ‘animal cruelty’. There are now debates on whether Code of Practice should be introduced in Hong Kong.

The current legislation does not state clearly what responsibilities pet owners should undertake for their pets. It also does not instruct law enforcement agencies or pet owners what to do when pets are injured or killed by other animals.

Similar cases occasionally happened in Hong Kong. Some of them were caused by the negligence of irresponsible pet owners. The World Dog Alliance (WDA) agrees that Code of Practice should be introduced in Hong Kong. It clarifies the responsibilities of pet owners. Indeed, Code of Practice has long been in practice in other countries and regions. It prevents animal cruelty and educates pet owners to be more responsible, thereby improving animal welfare in Hong Kong.