China Focus – The First Pet Caring Center in China

  Pet caring is a common practical problem for isolated patients with COVID. Recently, Shenzhen has come up with a new solution. The city has recently established the first pet caring center in China. The center has a building area of 1,500 square meters, and can provide services to at most 300 pets. It is currently only taking care of pets of isolated patients with COVID. The service is free of charge.

  According to the introduction, the pet caring center will rely on resources, management, technology and other core strengths to provide safe and secure pet custody services, to ensure the effective operation and risk control of pets in isolation. Such a policy is a warm and welcomed move to society. (Source: Red Star News)

Editor’s note:

  Shenzhen is the first city to treat its companion animals carefully, and will always be a model and benchmark for other cities in China.

  It is important to reflect on the fact that we are all facing an epidemic, and how to place the pets of isolated people is a new challenge. Some cities chose to slaughter those animals without saying a word, while some have found a solution to save animals.

  Before the establishment of the pet caring center, Shenzhen has had several temporary relocation measures to isolate people’s pets, even if the entire village was required to be isolated, tens of thousands of companion animals can be properly handled. This cannot simply be attributed to the government’s ability to govern, or the economic resources they have. On the contrary, I believe that the city of Shenzhen is able to do so because of its soft power, the civilized quality of the city, its cultural appeal, etc. In addition to blindly following the rules, government workers can also have a little warmth, a little empathy, and respect for the residents of their districts, as well as for their families! –Companion animals!