Candidates Contesting South Korean Seoul Elections Agree to Ban Dog Meat

The South Korean Animal Welfare Organization CARE published the transcript of an interview with four candidates contesting South Korean Seoul elections. Park Wonsoon, Kim Moonsu, Kim Jongmin and Shinji Ye all agreed that dog meat should be banned countrywide.

Q1. Do you eat dog meat?
– Park Wonsoon: No, I don’t.
– Kim Moonsu: I used to, but not anymore.
– Kim Jongmin: No, I don’t.
– Shinji Ye: Never.

Q2. If not, why?
– Park Wonsoon: An animal is a sentient being not intended for one-sided use.
– Kim Moonsoo: There are serious issues related to hygiene and food safety. The breeding and slaughtering facilities often resort to illegal distribution of dog meat.
– Kim Jongmin: It is emotionally uncomfortable.
– Shinji Ye: I am a vegetarian against animal husbandry. Dogs are never meant for human consumption.

Q3. Is dog meat still part of traditional Korean food?
– Park Wonsoon: No.
– Kim Moonsu: It is true that we have eaten it as a custom, but it has become inconceivable to see it as traditional Korean food like kimchi.
– Kim Jongmin: No.
– Shinji Ye: It is a tradition worthy of succession and development, but the dog food industry inevitably causes animal abuse. It is no longer acceptable in modern society.

Q4. Do you approve of the prohibition of dog meat?
– Park Wonsoon: I agree to the direction.
– Kim Moonsu: A social discussion will be necessary, but I personally do.
– Kim Jongmin: Yes.
– Shinji Ye: I am sided with banning dog meat. However, measures need to be taken to minimize the damage to those who rely on dog meat businesses to make a living.

Q5. If the dog food legislation is initiated in the parliament, will you support it?
– Park Wonsun: I side with the purpose of the bill.
– Kim Moonsoo: I will try my best.
– Kim Jongmin: Yes.
– Shinji Ye: Yes.