Animal Protection in China

News on Animal Protection in China:

  1. Recently, the Supreme People’s Procuratorate responded to the  “Proposal on Protection of Wild Animals and Companion Animals to be Categorized as Public Interest Litigation” introduced by Shi Yudong, National People’s Congress representative of the Two Sessions. In response, the spokesman of the Supreme People’s Procuratorate said, “Wildlife and companion animal protection is crucial for public interests such as public health safety. We attach great importance to the welfare of companion animals, and the prevention of violence towards companion animals, which is harmful to the public interest. The problems of poisoning, slaughter, eating, abandonment, abuse of domestic and stray companion animals are caused by the neglect for the legal status of dogs and cats as “non-food entities”, the rectification of animal cruelty spread on networks and the balance of interests in the supervision of companion animals.

Editor’s note: Professor Qian Yefang of Zhejiang Sci-Tech University said: The reply affirmed the legal status of non-food entities of dogs and cats from the perspective of protecting companion animals, and affirmed the illegality of animal abuse.

Mr. Genlin, the founder of the World Dog Alliance, said, “It is a wise decision for Representative Shi Yudong to protect wild animals and companion animals. It fully embodies the Two No’s advocated by the World Dog Alliance: No wild animal meat for health; No dogs and cat meat for morality. The Supreme People’s Procuratorate’s response sent a positive signal. I hope that everyone will endeavour to jointly promote the ban on dog and cat meat and companion animal protection to build harmony among humans, animals, and the environment for a better future.                                                      

  1. The Zhejiang Police College issued a notice on the evening of January 8 stating that after investigation, the college’s teacher Wang Zhaowei’s improper behavior violated public order and norms, causing adverse impacts to the society. They administered a major demerit on Wang and suspended his duties as a teacher. Earlier on the internet, it was revealed that Wang shared the videos of himself abusing and killing animals in the QQ group chat under the name “Xinghan Longteng”. He claimed to have slaughtered 300 cats and dogs in six months.

Shuke (nickname), the notorious leader of the animal abuse gang, was the first to produce animal abuse videos to be sold through the internet. He was recently identified and arrested thanks to the perseverance of the undercover agents and activists. The Chongqing Police filed the case for investigation and further legal actions. Many activists have received apologising text messages from Shuke.

Editor’s note: The direction and implementation of general policies against animal cruelty is progressing well. Animal activists spared no efforts hoping to promote the enactment of the Anti-Animal Cruelty Law in the Two Sessions this year.

WDA Regional Director of Mainland China

Sky Liu

January 14, 2021