Animal killers in Italy need to be punished harsher

Michela Vittoria Brambilla, an Italian politician and president of the Animal and Environmental Protection League, has publicly stated that those who kill animals should have a heavier fine. She believes that people should not be sympathetic to those who abandon, abuse or kill animals, but that people should protect them and implement new and effective measures to make this increasingly frequent cruelty disappear.

Michela commented on the discovery of ten puppies abandoned in a cardboard box in Borgo, a small village in Caltanissetta. She pointed out that the puppies were abandoned in the hot sun that day, and that all of them died, except for one who survived for a few hours after being found.

Michela said that we cannot stop with such a cowardly and immoral act. Anyone in trouble should call our national headquarters and get help. Unfortunately, there are people who continue to kill animals, and fortunately, our society has realized that we cannot continue to do so. In order to build a civilized society, we must take the necessary measures. In addition to cultural and informational campaigns, criminal penalties must be strengthened so that they are effective as a warning.

Michela calls on all groups to review as soon as possible the draft law she has proposed, which raises the penalties for abuse to five years in prison and for killing animals to six years: when the penalties are increased, we will discourage abusers, unlike what is happening now, because they will face the real risk of going to prison.