About Us

Introduction to World Dog Alliance (WDA)

The World Dog Alliance (WDA) is an international animal welfare organisation, which has been registered as a charity in the United States, France, Japan and Hong Kong.

Why was WDA founded?

In 2013, Genlin visited his ancestral hometown Guizhou, only to discover a huge banner advertising “Huajiang Dog Meat” on a three-story building. Confused, he was told that it was one of the three Guizhou cuisines. He was shocked as he had treated dogs as friends from the beginning. How could you eat friends? To seek the truth, Genlin began his investigation on dog meat, and concluded that people who eat dog meat did exist in Asian countries, and the population is about 20% of China, 60% of Korea and 80% of Vietnam.

Genlin had been looking for organizations dedicated to pushing forward legislation against dog meat consumption to no avail. One day one of his trust agent close to him said, “I believe you are the only one who is so determined to solve the dog meat issue in the whole world. Why don’t you establish your own organization to promote legislation?” Her words opened a whole new perspective for him. He realized he must contribute his own faith, wisdom, time and resources to achieve his goal. At that moment, he left his leisurely retired life, and established World Dog Alliance dedicated to one goal, “explicit legislation against dog meat consumption”.

When was WDA founded?

12 December 2014 was the day the milestone was set for dog welfare worldwide. WDA held its founding ceremony in Hong Kong University, gathering animal activists to take the first step putting an end to dog meat consumption.Attendees include animal activists from the United States, China, the United Kingdom, Thailand, Vietnam and Hong Kong. They assembled to form the word “DOG” as a token to rescue all suffering dogs.


“Change Human Society, Save Dogs and Cats”

Scope of Work:

1. To promote harmonious interaction between humans and dogs, reduce cruelty and abandonment of dogs, and maintain healthy living conditions for dogs.

2. To introduce managements and controls on dogs, promote neutering, and prevent excessive reproduction.

3. To promote a ban on dog meat consumption, and bolster civilization.

4. To promote dogs-related charity work to disabled people.

5. To provide information platforms, databases and communication channels to individuals and groups with common goals.

6. To reward and sponsor individuals and groups which protect dogs.

Our achievements in recent years:

On 21stJune 2014, WDA was founded to promote banning dog and cat meat consumption worldwide. Genlin believes legislation is the only means to eradicate the immoral practice of eating dog and cat, particularly in Asian countries.

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On 26thSeptember 2015, the first Dog Lovers’ Day was launched by WDA. Eating Happiness, a documentary produced by Genlin, was screened in cities around the world to reveal the barbaric nature of dog meat consumption in Asian countries.


On 12thSeptember 2016, in response to a parliamentary petition initiated by WDA, the UK parliament applied pressure to the South Korean government through diplomatic means, resulting in the closure of Moran Market, the biggest dog meat market in Seoul.


On 11thApril 2017, WDA’s campaign led to the successful passage of dog and cat meat ban in Taiwan, making Taiwan a beacon of hope in Asia.


On 12thDecember 2018, the United States Congress passed the Farm Bill which outlaws dog and cat meat consumption. It sets a historic milestone for WDA’s legislative efforts in the United States since 2015.


Every year in Asia, over 30 million dogs are slaughtered for food, 70% of whom are stolen companions. After thorough investigation, WDA drafted and published a white paper on increasing punishment for dog theft, aiming to end such crime along with the consumption of dog and cat meat in China.


On 6thMarch 2019, a Chinese congressman introduced the Companion Animal Protection Act which proposes banning dog meat consumption and increasing punishment for dog theft. Not only does WDA’s legislative endeavor save our beloved animal friends, it also shed a light of hope to their caregivers.


On 13thMarch 2019, using the firsthand and in-depth information provided by WDA, a Japanese congressman brought up the dog meat issue during an interpellation session in the Japanese Congress. The surprising fact that more than 100 dog meat restaurants exist in Japan sent shock waves through the world. WDA’s target is to legislate a ban on dog and cat meat in Japan before the Tokyo Olympics starts in July 2020.

On 11thApril 2019, WDA founded Asia Animal-friendly Alliance (AAAA), held its inaugural meeting and media event at the B2 level of the Mandarin Oriental in Taipei, and published Animal-friendly City Index. The website DPG Animal-friendly, which is currently followed by over 300,000 people on the internet, was created to facilitate the goal of the Alliance.

On 11thJune 2019, WDA and an Italian Congresswoman jointly introduced a bill to outlaw dog and cat meat in ItalyItaly is an animal loving nation, it is thus believed that the bill will be passed in the near future.


On 10thJuly 2019, the UK Parliament agreed to an amendment to include a dog and cat meat ban in the Animal Welfare (Sentencing) Bill which is likely to officially become law by the end of 2019. WDA’s campaigning efforts in the UK over the years has come to fruition.


On 28thJuly 2019, WDA announced its convention campaign and launched a petition to garner public support, forming a global trend against such atrocity. Congressmen in the US and Members of Parliament in the UK have already pledged to back WDA’s agreement. As Jeff Denham, former US representative who introduced the ban on dog and cat meat in the US, said in his speech, “It demonstrates our unity with other nations that have banned dog and cat meat and bolster existing international efforts to crack down on the practice worldwide.”

What motivated WDA to meet those achievements?

WDA always pushes governments to make explicit legislation peacefully and rationally to “change human society, save dogs and cats”, because Genlin believes “Top-down Strategy” is the most efficient when it comes to legislative work.

What is our goal?

Genlin’s philosophy is to “change human society, save dogs and cats.” To achieve his vision, while adhering to the legislative strategy, Genlin intends to set up an international convention to prohibit the eating of dog and cat meat. Such a convention will be the best medium to draw international attention to the dog and cat meat issue, and finally eliminate the cruel practice for good.