About Us

Introduction to World Dog Alliance (WDA)

The World Dog Alliance (WDA) is an international animal welfare organisation, which has been registered as a charity in the United States, France, Japan and Hong Kong.

Why was WDA founded?

In 2013, Genlin visited his ancestral hometown Guizhou, only to discover a huge banner advertising “Huajiang Dog Meat” on a three-story building. Confused, he was told that it was one of the three Guizhou cuisines. He was shocked as he had treated dogs as friends from the beginning. How could you eat friends? To seek the truth, Genlin began his investigation on dog meat, and concluded that people who eat dog meat did exist in Asian countries, and the population is about 20% of China, 60% of Korea and 80% of Vietnam.

Genlin had been looking for organizations dedicated to pushing forward legislation against dog meat consumption to no avail. One day one of his trust agent close to him said, “I believe you are the only one who is so determined to solve the dog meat issue in the whole world. Why don’t you establish your own organization to promote legislation?” Her words opened a whole new perspective for him. He realized he must contribute his own faith, wisdom, time and resources to achieve his goal. At that moment, he left his leisurely retired life, and established World Dog Alliance dedicated to one goal, “explicit legislation against dog meat consumption”.

When was WDA founded?

12 December 2014 was the day the milestone was set for dog welfare worldwide. WDA held its founding ceremony in Hong Kong University, gathering animal activists to take the first step putting an end to dog meat consumption.Attendees include animal activists from the United States, China, the United Kingdom, Thailand, Vietnam and Hong Kong. They assembled to form the word “DOG” as a token to rescue all suffering dogs.