About Genlin

About Genlin

The founder of the World Dog Alliance (WDA), Genlin, has long been a passionate animal lover and founded the WDA with the ultimate goal of stamping out the global consumption of dog and cat meat.

Born in Shanghai as Peng Hong Ling, Genlin established himself as a tycoon by way of the Large Horse International (Group) Co. Ltd., a large-scale exporter of electronics which has various subsidiaries across Asia, Europe, and the United States. 

Through the success of Large House International, Genlin decided it give back to his hometown of Guizhou by way of the Peng Xin Chao Foundation, which has raised and contributed funds to build schools, libraries, and scholarships for destitute students in the area. 

In addition to the Peng Xin Chao Foundation, the Genlin Foundation was established at his alma mater Shanghai University, and offers a number of scholarships and awards, including the Genlin Sports Elite Award and the Genlin Elite Artistic Award.


Founding the World Dog Alliance

Whilst universal education has been the main benefactor of his philanthropic efforts, his passion for animal welfare has never wavered.

Although animal welfare prospects in Asia have improved considerably over the last few decades, there is still much to be done to overhaul the region’s attitudes towards animals, namely dogs.

After decades of observing a societal indifference towards the betterment of animals, Genlin decided that there had to be a better way to reshape and reorient these conventions, which are deeply engrained in Asian culture.

In 2014, Genlin founded the WDA and through use of his long-standing reputation and connections as a seasoned business owner, he has helped to establish WDA’s reputation as one of Asia’s leading animal welfare foundations.

Through ardent lobbying to a number of parliamentary organisations and governments around the world, their chief mission to eliminate the consumption of dog and cat meat through legislation.