A New Pet Walkway in Hong Kong

Hong Kong’s animal protection policy has taken another small step forward. A 30-meter-long pet walkway can be set up at a part of the Ma On Shan Promenade in the future. Hong Kong has never been regarded as an animal-friendly city because not only has its animal protection policy remained stagnant, but animal welfare has also not improved over the years. Compared to neighboring regions such as Shenzhen, which has set up a pet hospital as early as last year to facilitate the care of unattended pets suffering from neonatal pneumonia, and Taiwan, which allows pets to travel on public transport, Hong Kong’s animal protection policy is lagging behind that of other Asian international cities.

There is an opinion that the Government could consider providing more pet parks and walkways to facilitate the public to take their pets for a walk with them. The Ma On Shan Waterfront Promenade could be considered as a test case to examine. With the approval of the District Council, the Government is now marking the location of the pet walkway for public use.

In fact, Hong Kong has already set up a pet walkway in Lai Chi Kok Park and the possibility of providing pet walkways and pet parks in different parks for the public to take their pets out has been in discussion. As a cosmopolitan city, Hong Kong should follow the international trend in its animal policy. With more and more people keeping pets in Hong Kong, the policy of pet inclusion has become a major trend and can no longer be avoided.