New Year’s Message 2024

While Dragons and Tigers vitalize and symbolize the eternity of time, the unerring loyalty of Dogs and Cats is fabled through the ages since the beginning of the universe. As the year of the Dragon is upon us, let us reason the inseparable connection between man and dog and what cosmic meanings this reveals.

In the universe there are three constellations: Canis Major, Canis Minor, and Orion. Not only do these stars illuminate our night skies, they also form an ageless mythical unity that is the “human canine triangle”. More than just spatial configurations, these constellations are cosmic forces that signify the unimaginably deep bonds that exist between humankind and dogs.

The constellation of “human-canine triangle” is not a coincidence but manifestation of cosmic laws and divine will. The practice of merely considering cosmos through space without reverence for cosmic laws means humankind has yet to grasp the solemn, celestial meanings concealed in “human-canine unity”.

We should treasure the profound connection between mankind and dog. The fulfilment of “human-canine unity” on a cosmic level, where man and dog are at one with each other, would shine a peaceful light on every corner of this world.


1 January 2024