2021 Ministry of the Environment Budget

After the Extra Legislative Session, the ruling party has begun to formulate a budget with each ministry and agency. Every year, many people gather around the Diet when drafting a budget, but it wasn’t very crowded this year, probably because of the violent coronavirus.

It seems that the Ministry of the Environment immediately responded to the message of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs of China that the World Dog Alliance succeeded in China, “China does not include dogs in livestock management.” It’s a Japanese-style detour, but the Ministry of the Environment’s priority measures included a context that made us aware of the activities of the World Dog Alliance while describing existing policies.

“A new lifestyle through promotion of wormcation in national parks, expansion of national park enjoyment projects to all 34 national parks nationwide, conservation of rural areas, and segregation of humans and wild animals through wildlife conservation management.

Source: https://www.env.go.jp/guide/budget/r03/r03juten/01_juten2.pdf

I think that the message of separating from wild animals is now the biggest message as a clerical worker of the Ministry of the Environment.

Based on the revision of the Act on Welfare and Protection of Animals, the general account includes the establishment of a system for making microchips mandatory, the project to promote proper animal breeding and strengthening the infrastructure, and the subsidy for facility maintenance for animal accommodation and transfer measures.

Reflecting the difficult financial situation, the budgets of each ministry and agency have been reduced across the board by the Ministry of Finance, while animal protection has increased by 25.41 million yen. The efforts of the clerical staff to promote the animal protection policy within the Ministry of the Environment have been fruitful.

On January 18, the Diet session will be convened and the budget proposal will begin to be deliberated. In the New Year, which will be the Olympic year, the World Dog Alliance will carry out further activities to promote the International Agreement to Prohibit the Eating of Dogs and Cats

Photo: Yukio Ubukata, a member of the House of Representatives (acting chairman of the Animal Welfare Council), Maki (acting chairman of the Animal Welfare Council) making policy proposals to the Deputy Minister of the Environment, Hiroshi Sasakawa, within the Ministry of the Environment. Maki Yoshio, member of the House of Representatives, Yasuko Komiyama, member of the House of Representatives.