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Amazing News from the UK!

On 30 September, Kike Yuen, Representative (UK) of World Dog Alliance was invited to give a speech during the Conservative Party Conference, and promote an

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96 Fighters

World Dog Alliance members’ stories relating lobbying for banning dog meat consumption.

Sword of Hope

The shock, the pain and sadness were too overwhelming to forget when I first found the truth of dog meat watching “Eating Happiness”, the documentary

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Been Through

Ever since I joined WDA in 2014, I have had the privilege to be part of many historic moments in WDA’s worldwide campaigning. My role

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My Proudest Job

Most young people are interested in business, and I am no exception. Recall that when I entered the World Dog Alliance (WDA) in 2018, I

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Top-down Strategy

I joined World Dog Alliance (WDA) in 2018 and became a “96 Fighter”, whose mission is to promote explicit legislation against dog meat consumption across

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A Fruitful Year

I joined World Dog Alliance (WDA) in April last year. This is my first full-time job. At first, I thought WDA was only an ordinary

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