[Hong Kong Spotlight] WDA’s Proposal Discussed in the LegCo

The Subcommittee to Study Issues Relating to Animal Rights of LegCo held a meeting on 11 May to discuss animal welfare education in Hong Kong.

Chairperson Gary Chan invited the World Dog Alliance (WDA) to write a proposal to be discussed in the meeting. WDA prepared a 4-page proposal with the following suggestions.

  1. Including animal welfare in the educational curriculum to promote duty of care to animals and respect for life.
  2. Inviting schools to join the pilot scheme of animal welfare education
  3. Promoting the Animal Welfare Reading Scheme
  4. Initiating the School Friendly Dog Scheme

WDA believes that knowledge could change animals’ destiny. It is the responsibility of all walks of the society to introduce the duty of care to animals and respect for life to the next generation. This is an important element to improve animal welfare in Hong Kong.