WDA Recognised as Official Stakeholders in Norway

On 21 September, the Norwegian government announced on its official website that it had started work on a report on animal welfare, which will be submitted to Parliament for consideration as a blueprint for the new Animal Protection Act. The World Dog Alliance (WDA) is honoured to be included as one of the stakeholders.

‘The government has started work on a parliamentary report on animal welfare. In the work on the report, we will take a closer look at developments in Norwegian animal husbandry and livestock production, and at new knowledge about animal welfare.In the work on the Storting message, the Ministry of Agriculture and Food and the Ministry of Trade and Fisheries will have responsibility for their respective administrative areas.The Ministry of Agriculture and Food organized an initial input meeting for land animal species  on 27 June 2022.  A selection of relevant actors were invited to make presentations of 3 – 5 minutes and present their views on the arrangement of the message,’ the government wrote on its website.

A total of 51 organisations submitted proposals, including the WDA and the University of Oslo in Norway. The 15-page document submitted by the WDA introduced its founder Genlin, and proposed to the government to join the International Agreement to Prohibit the Eating of Dogs and Cats.

Norwegian Government made announcements on its official website
WDA listed as one of the stakeholders