Trump Signs Letter to Support WDA on Legislation against Cat and Dog Meat

Trump Signs Letter to Support WDA on

Legislation against Cat and Dog Meat


The World Dog Alliance (WDA) is surprised and honored to receive President Donald Trump’s  signed letter from the White House. This fruitful result could not have happened without supporters who had signed the petition “Help Me!”. Your signatures have led us to this point, where it is just steps away from a legal ban against dog and cat meat consumption. You might be saving over 30 million dogs slaughtered every year. Every dog lover deserves to be informed of this good news right away.


The WDA has always been devoted to clear legislations against dog meat consumption. Once the U.S. Congress passed an amendment to ban dog and cat meat, the WDA launched petitions in the platforms “We the People” and “Care2”. Challenges and frustration got in the way, but our unbreakable will would not let us forfeit this battle of humanity to save millions of dogs from gluttony.


On June 15th, when the WDA was still fighting to bring the House Farm Bill through the floor and realize the amendment against cat and dog meat in the Senate Farm Bill, we received a letter personally signed by Donald Trump, the president of the United States. Every word showed his clear support for our petitions and ideal. This is a moment in the history of this movement against dog meat.


Donald Trump’s letter:

The WDA, founded in 2014, never once accepted donation. Despite our limited scale compared to many international animal welfare organizations, we have created multiple historical moments after years of efforts, tested by numerous obstacles and strong opposition. The White House’s approval is just the beginning to our final goal. Our mission will inevitably place the South Korea and China in top priority. There is still a long way to go until dog meat becomes illegal worldwide.


Save our best friends from taste buds. We wish every dog could feel warmth from humans. Please stay with us on this perilous journey!