Top-down Strategy

I joined World Dog Alliance (WDA) in 2018 and became a “96 Fighter”, whose mission is to promote explicit legislation against dog meat consumption across the globe.

Just last year, US Congress passed a landmark amendment against dog and cat meat consumption and ignited the trend of global animal welfare development. This event marked a milestone in WDA’s tireless lobbying and worldwide campaigning against dog meat consumption.

Genlin, WDA’s passionate founder, has long employed a ‘top-down strategy’; this means focusing WDA’s efforts on outlawing dog meat consumption by appealing directly to government officials and prominent lobbyists. In other words, legislation is the way to set an example and firmly say to the world that the consumption of dogs is wholly unacceptable.

My most memorable moment with WDA was in October 2018, which is when I was sent me to the National Diet of Japan to lobby the Minister of Environment to promote a ban on dog meat consumption in Japan. 

Now that I am a part of WDA, I often talk about my job at the WDA with absolute pride, as there is no greater reward than being a ‘96 Fighter’ and promoting the welfare of all dogs around the world.

Gordon Mak
Project Executive