The Slogan and Logo of WDA

Slogan of WDA

“Explicit legislation against dog and cat meat consumption”  is the founding slogan of WDA.. “Peaceful and Top-down strategy” is the route to outlawing dog and cat meat consumption. The point is to promote legislation in all countries in a rational and peaceful manner.

Upon Yulin Dog Meat Festival every summer, the whole world eyes on Yulin Guangxi with hatred and blame, neglecting the fact that many other Asian regions share the same issue. Genlin filmed a documentary to reveal the truth of dog meat trade across Asia to the world. He “emphasizes legislation for Asia as a whole” to show us the full picture of the continent, rather than a tiny piece of puzzle targeting only one region.

Now as WDA’s effort focuses on the International Agreement to Prohibit the Eating of Dogs and Cats, “Change Human Society, Save Dogs and Cats” has become our current mission. What WDA is doing will reshape the world’s moral values towards animals.

Logo of WDA

When WDA was just founded in 2014, the interim logo was a simple dog symbol. A bright and intuitive new logo was needed.

Genlin is a man of art and creation. One day he drew an image on the white board and asked, “What do think it is?” Some thought it was a dog head, some guessed it a flag. All of us were curious for the answer to be revealed. Genlin grinned, “It is both a dog head and a flag, our new logo.” This stroke of genius created the flag of WDA.

The logo of WDA takes orange as its main color, which is the warmest color, brightening the world for dogs and cats. It illustrates the shape of a sharp dog head, creating a unique organization. The subtle number “926” in Cantonese is pronounced “Gau Yi Lok”, meaning “dogs bring happiness to man”.