The Silent Guardian

When it is dark and the road is empty, a boy in Jiangxi walks 4 km and takes a bus to school. 

Many people feel sorry for the boy, fortunately there are two dogs accompanying the boy.

A person commented, “When I was a kid, I used to walk for more than an hour to go to school. It was not yet dawn, and I was scared, and there were many graves on the road, so I took the puppy in my arms.”

Editor’s note:

The longest confession is companionship, companionship between relatives, friends, people and people, people and animals, all of these are the warmest existence and the most precious treasure and wealth for each of us. 

Some netizens said that this is why there are many people opposed to eating dog meat. The first thing you need to do is to think about the situation, who will you leave your children to be guarded? Two dogs? Or two pigs? Two cows? The real answer is dogs, because you know that only dogs have these qualities. They are loyal, brave, stand in front of you in case of danger, and always remain warm and alert.

In the process of pushing for legislation to ban dog meat, we are often confronted with the specious interrogation of “what is the difference between dogs and other animals, why not ban pork, chicken and beef”.

We will never give up any chance to wake up these people who are pretending to sleep. It is so precious to have another kind of life with us in the long road of life. And we only need to speak up for them, to defend their right to live, this small feedback, if we can not give, born as a human being, will not be a little regret…