The Cross-party Animal Welfare Congressional Alliance resume its operation

On April 25, 2023, General meeting of the cross-party Animal Welfare Congressional Alliance was held.

Mr. Tsuyoshi Iwaya, a member of the House of Representatives (LDP), was appointed Chairman, and Mr. Yoshio Maki, a member of the House of Representatives (CDP), was appointed Acting Chairman.

In addition to the World Dog Alliance, representatives from three of the country’s major animal welfare organizations were invited to the meeting. Chairman Iwaya, all member councilors in attendance, and the invited organizations were able to share their enthusiasm for improving animal welfare, including episodes related to themselves and their animals.

World Dog Alliance informed the fact that legislation banning the consumption of dogs and cats is accelerating in many parts of the world. Furthermore, even in South Korea, where large numbers of dogs are raised in slaughterhouses, the first lady is leading the way in abolishing dog meat. However, dogs and cats in Japan continue to be in danger of death under the unclear law that says “consumption is not illegal,” even though they are defined as pet or companion animals. As for the legislation banning the consumption of dogs and cats, since there is no ministry in charge of this issue, World Dog Alliance emphasized the importance and urgency of the Cross-party Congressional Alliance to legislate a prohibition on their consumption.

In the meantime, Councilor Oshima, who has supported the dog meat ban legislation in the Diet since 2018, has also joined the Animal Welfare Alliance, and the World Dog Alliance hopes that this will spur legislation to prohibit the consumption of dogs and cats.