Taiwan to Promote Animal Protection Education

A writing contest allows students to develop a deeper connection with the animals on campus.

“The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.” This is one of the greatest quotes of Mahatma Gandhi. It indicates that a civilized society should maintain a high level of public awareness on animal rights. This can be done through education. Although Taiwan has not yet incorporated animal protection materials into textbooks, there are already many related seminars and activities, including a writing contest. 

Earlier this year, the Ministry of Education held a writing contest on animal welfare, and another contest will be held later this year. The World Dog Alliance (WDA) is honored to be invited as a judge.

The contest is open to elementary school, junior high school and high school students. The goal of the event is to promote animal care on campus and strengthen life education, and to create a topic of animal care on campus, allowing students to love animals.

People may be surprised with the number of species of animals on campus in Taiwan. Apart from dogs and cats, those animals in the sky and water are also good companions for students. The School Dogs Program, which combines life education and animal protection education, has been in place for many years. Although it is not so popular at all schools, students are still familiar with dogs because some teachers bring their own dogs to school.

Some schools even build aquariums or ponds, so students can interact with animals like peacock fish, Brazilian turtles, shrimps and conchs. 

Through these kinds of interactions, students will have life experiences and memories, which help raise their awareness of animal welfare.