Six beagles rescued from dog meat trade by US dog charity

Six lucky beagles who were rescued from back of a truck operating as part of China’s black-market dog meat trade and were flown to Cary, North Carolina via Atlanta.

The US-based non-profit Triangle Beagle Rescue worked with British animal charity Rushton Dog Rescue to rescue the dogs from Yulin, the site of the infamous Lychee and Dog Meat Festival.

This year’s addition of the annual festival took place from 21st – 30th June and saw at least 3,000 dogs slaughtered over the course of the event, according to some sources.

The dogs arrived at the Carpenter Animal Hospital in Cary on 18th July, and the journey was made possible thanks to donations made to Triangle Beagle Rescue, which raised over HK$35,000 (US$4,500).

According to Triangle’s Twitter feed, four out of the six beagles have successfully settled into their foster homes. The dogs will be available for adoption from 1st August via Triangle’s website.