PM Abe receives letter from US Congressman, Japan Ministry of Environment agrees we should ban dog meat consumption

On 13 March, 2019, Japanese lawmaker Mr. Kusuo Oshima submitted US Congressman Jeff Denham’s letter to Japan Prime Minister Shinzo Abe right before Budget Committee commenced.

The letter, directly addressed to PM Abe, highlighted World Dog Alliance’s efforts to ban dog meat consumption in Japan. It has bolstered a banning dog meat parliamentary trend led by Mr. Oshima and Ministry of Environment Yoshiaki Harada (原田義昭). In additional, Congressman Denham urged the leader of Japan to put an end to dog meat consumption, which was banned in the United States on 17 December 2018.

In the Budget Committee following the submission of the letter, Mr. Oshima proceeded to ask Mr. Harada about his view on dog meat consumption, and he replied that no one should eat dog meat, and he understood that US had banned dog meat consumption.