Pet-friendly Public Transport System in Taiwan

As the new epidemic subsides and countries lift their closures, travel starts to pick up, and among the attractions in Taiwan, the most talked about are undoubtedly the pet tours. 116 huskies successfully completed a visit to A-Ma Temple at the end of 2022, which seems to indicate that more dogs will join the tour when spring blooms in 2023.

On 11 December 2022, a group of 116 huskies and 208 people took a day trip on a tour bus to and from Taichung. Although it was called an “incense tour”, only people could enter the temple to pray for blessings, while the dogs waited outside. Two large tour buses and a number of private cars were used for this unusual tour, proving that even large breeds of dog, which tend to shed, are not ‘discriminated’ against by tour bus companies.

In the absence of objective comparative data, it is impossible to say whether Taiwan is the most pet-friendly region in the world in terms of transport, but it is possible to deduce something from the restrictions on dog and cat travel in the public transport system:

CategoryDogs and cats allowedConditions of travel
BusYesIn a pet box or small container, not exceeding 55cm in length, 45cm in width and 40cm in height.


In a pet box, cage or small container not exceeding 55cm in length, 45cm in width and 40cm in heightSmall and medium-sized pet carriers (up to 175 cm in length, width and height)Large pet carriage (length, width and height combined 176 cm to 210 cm)
TrainYesMust fit in a pet crate or bag less than 55cm, 45cm or 38cm in length, width and height.
High-speed RailwayYesTo be packed securely in a container less than 55cm, 45cm and 38cm in length, width and height.
AirplaneYesAccording to the pet consignment principle
Travelling in a touring vehicle without the need for a transport cage and crate bag makes the dog more comfortable and the regular house-training more important.

Since small to medium sized dogs can be transported by public transport as long as they are in a kennel or bag, the trend of travelling with dogs has taken off and one dog owner has even taken his Shiba Inu on a trip around the island and has kept detailed records and published a book for other dog owners to follow. The need for multiple dog-owning families to travel together is no longer a problem, and tour buses have become the most convenient way to transfer to a tour bus so that dogs can sit in a chair or lie on the floor instead of in a crate.

Owners who want to take their dogs on group tours now have more options, as some travel agencies are offering regular tours and customised services that combine pet-friendly restaurants and pet-friendly hotels to make the most of their lives together!

A joyful picture, a precious memory! It should be in the hearts of many dog owners.