Not Giving Up Any Lives

On 24 July, a dog in Xinxiang, Henan was sitting helplessly on the top of a car under a flood. The rescue team stopped their boat. Divers jumped into the water and approached the dog slowly and finally brought it back to the boat. The dog seemed to understand it was being helped; it sat still so the diver could pick it up with ease. The dog was finally rescued!

People are moved by the great job from the rescue team.

‘This dog will always remember your face, and it will always be thankful.’

‘Thank you very much for not giving up any lives.’

‘Every life deserves our utmost respect and protection.’

All lives are equal during disasters. Even if you only save a life by chance, it is still meaningful. Thank you very much for those who never give up a life! (Source: Baijiahao)

Editor’s Note: It is touching to see not only the support among humans during this flooding, but also the rescue of animals by humans. There was an owner putting his dog on his back when moving to safe places. There was a little boy holding a puppy tightly in heavy rain. There was an old man who used his umbrella to help his dog float. There were firefighters saving a kitten. All these demonstrated that no one would abandon their ‘families’. Nature is a collaboration of destiny. Humans, dogs and cats are all parts of it. Many people thought they were God, but they forgot they were just ordinary people. They can do nothing in front of disasters. Mr Genlin always says, ‘Our work is not only to save dogs, but also human beings. We need to maintain this kind of confidence and self-esteem!’