New Year’s Message 2023

The black hole is widely known, but the Dark Hole is not. The universe is immense, and there is a dark hole within the black holes.

People study the relationship between humans and animals by taking the social status quo as the starting point, but Genlin believes that human beings must break away from the framework of the earth and the shackles of society and examine the relationship between humans and animals from the perspective of the universe. The relationship between humans and animals is examined from a cosmic perspective. To this end, Genlin studied the celestial bodies of the universe and discovered many mysteries, including the “Dark Hole” and the later mentioned He also discovered the actual existence of the “Iron Triangle of Man and Dog”, “Sirius”, and “Kepler’s 22 galaxy”.

There are not only black holes on the way to the development of civilization in the universe, but there is also a hidden hole in the black hole that no one knows about.

Dark Hole is a “big filter” in the black hole to sort out these civilization ruins, extract the particles and other excellent materials, and then by the higher planet aliens the seeds of civilization are redistributed to the planets with intelligent life.

To put it simply, the black hole is a bottomless hole that attracts everything, and the Dark Hole is a huge filter for it. The Dark Hole adheres to the laws of the universe and classifies Earth’s materials into different categories, upgrading the good people who have done good deeds in their previous lives to the 1st to 9th levels of higher civilization. The planet, commonly known as the “good people planet”, sends the bad guys from their past lives to the 0.7 level of human Earth, which is a cosmic prison. The bad guys are called “bad people planet” and go through a tough ordeal again. 

The human earth itself is a purgatory, a torment and destruction of the body and mind, which requires a strong will and fighting spirit to stand firm. Dogs and cats are incredibly loyal companion animals that bring us immense joy, but humans are cruel to them and even eat them. Seeing dogs and cats in the charcoal is the greatest moral crisis of our time, and the most urgent threat to peace.

“Sirius, the star in the constellation Canis Major, gave mankind intelligence and life on Earth, and the brightest and most dazzling star in Canis Major is Sirius. The brightest star in Canis Major is Sirius. It is well known that the ancestor of the dog was the wolf, and the clever structure of this galaxy is The clever structure of this galaxy is a sign from the universe to mankind that dogs, unlike any other animal, have a destined connection with man. 

Genlin believes that the earth is just a grain of dust in the universe, and that human beings, endowed with life by the Creator, are not the central beings that dominate the universe, and that human beings should have the faith to fear the “mysterious” universe and the humility to be grateful to the extraterrestrials.


Founder of World Dog Alliance