New Animal Welfare Bills at China’s “Two Sessions”

China’s “Two Sessions” are currently being held in Beijing on March 5, 2022.        

The following People’s Representatives have put down their animal-welfare-related bills.

       1. Mr. Chen Yong, from Hong Kong

       Chen suggested that legislation should be studied to achieve a comprehensive ban on the eating of cats and dogs in a gradual and progressive manner, and that deterrent penalties should be established.

       The establishment of a highly transparent platform for the public to monitor and report on the ban on the consumption of dogs and cats will be more effective and will be complemented by high-profile and vigorous enforcement.

       By incorporating animal care information into teaching materials and education in schools, colleges and kindergartens, people can develop love towards animals at young ages, so that society and the country will become more harmonious.

       2. Mr. Zhao Wanping, from Anhu

       The proposal to incorporate life education on the topic of animal care into primary and secondary school textbooks suggests that education on animal care and respect for life should be incorporated into the moral education of primary and secondary schools, and that respect for life education for young people should be given serious attention to cultivate a healthy psychological awareness and philosophy. In addition, the government has also introduced a new curriculum for rescuing stray animals and raising companion animals scientifically, combined with labor education, and strengthened cooperation between the community and schools to create opportunities for students to take practical action to care for animals; used project-based learning (PBL) as a forerunner to encourage schools to develop school-based curricula on the theme of “caring for animals” and to implement life education through multidisciplinary In addition, schools are encouraged to develop school-based curricula on the theme of “caring for animals” to implement life education in a multidisciplinary manner; strengthen the construction of life education teachers, and include the theme of “caring for animals” in the curriculum of teachers’ continuing education and training, so as to improve the awareness and teaching ability of teachers.

       3. Mr. Zhu Liyu, from Guangdong

       Zhu submitted a motion on the enactment of the “Anti-Animal Cruelty Law of the People’s Republic of China”. He believes that it is imperative to effectively control and guide animal cruelty at the legal level, and proposed the enactment of an anti-animal cruelty law to conform to domestic social order and international legislative trends and to improve the socialist rule of law.

     In addition, some animal cruelty violates social order and morality, infringing on the lives and property of the people, triggering confrontation, and even constitutes a crime, with serious consequences.

Editor’s Notes: The “Two Sessions” are still holding. We hope that more People’s Representatives will speak up for companion animals and continue to pay attention to the survival and welfare of companion animals, and practice the idea of ecological civilization.