Japan to Improve Animal Welfare

On January 27, the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries (MAFF) held a meeting to discuss animal welfare and the practice of raising livestock in a comfortable environment. The purpose of the meeting is to promote animal welfare in Japan and to ensure the transparency of livestock administration. 

On the other hand, not a day goes by without tragedies about animals, such as animal abuse, euthanasia of cats, dogs and other animals due to bird flu and swine cholera in the name of COVID-19 prevention.

Under such circumstances, the news of improved animal welfare is inspiring to many.

About 10% of Japanese families own pet dogs or cats. Dogs and cats are widely regarded as our companions, not food. Most people find it shocking that dog and cat meat is still legal in Japan.

In order to prevent animal abuse and abandonment by owners, pet stores in France will be banned from selling cats and dogs from 2024. It is a very advanced policy which aims to deal with the root cause. Japan should ban the eating of dog and cat meat to fundamentally correct the problem.

The Diet session started on January 17, and the World Dog Alliance will continue to advocate the “Trinity of Sustainability: Human-Animal-Environment.”

Photo :Prime Minister’s official residence