Japan Spotlight – Popular Scottish Fold with Droopy Ears

Influencer Hiroyuki caused controversy when he called Scottish Folds “sick cats” on social media.

The Scottish Folds have become the most popular cat breed for 13 consecutive years because of their lovely expression with folding ears and docile characters. However, the Scottish Fold is also a cat with deformed ears and chondrodysplasia, a condition that can lead to death in severe cases.

On 11 May, at the House of Councilors’ Special Committee on Consumers Affairs, Deputy Director-General Matsumoto of the Ministry of the Environment stated that the Ministry would “examine how the regulations should be applied” to Scottish Folds.

Recognising that chondrodysplasia in Scottish Folds is a genetic disease, “it is undesirable from an animal protection and animal welfare perspective.” He also stated.

They will continue to discuss the issue within the Ministry of the Environment and experts.