Japan July Special III: Roland visits Genlin in WDA headquarters

Roland visited Hong Kong on May 1, 2019 to experience local luxury life and visit Genlin. Roland is a role model for the new generation of young people. With his strength and self-confidence alone, he has gained today’s extremely high popularity and wide influence. His online channel has received 94 million views and has become a frequent visitor to Japanese TV shows. WDA hopes to deepen mutual understanding with Roland through this trip.

During the conversation between Roland and Genlin, he learned that there are more than 100 dog meat restaurants in Japan, which had imported more than 454 tons of dog meat. However, he found the astonishing truth unbelievable. He had to conduct detailed investigations in person after returning to Japan before he could draw a conclusion.

After returning to Japan, Roland learned from the news that Congressman Oshima was pushing for a legislative prohibition of dog meat. The two met in the Diet. After seeing the dog meat evidence collected by WDA, Roland expressed his willingness to support Genlin’s legislation to prohibit dog meat.

WDA’s legislative story continues in “Japan July Special IV”. Stay tuned.