Italian Lawmaker Saved Animals in Ukraine

Not only human beings but animals suffer in wars. The invasion from Russia to Ukraine has forced thousands of Ukrainians to flee to Italy with their pets. The World Dog Alliance (WDA)’s ally in Italy, lawmaker Michela Vittoria Brambilla expressed her deep sympathy and urged people to show their compassion and love for all dogs and cats affected by the war.

Ms Brambilla, President of the Italian League for the Protection of Animals and the Environment Leidaa, believes that cats and dogs are good companions, friends and family members and should not be subjected to such a fate, so she will provide all assistance to all animals and will help Ukrainians who fled to Italy, in terms of pet care. 

After the war broke out in Ukraine, Michela Brambilla sent a team to the border between Poland and Ukraine to assist affected dogs and cats. The team brought one ton of dog and cat food and 1,000 kinds of insecticide, and set up an ambulance station to collect and take care of the animals brought from the war zone. As the war continued for months, more and more animals were injured. Michela Vittoria Brambilla is committed to saving more animals and helping them to move to new and safe places.

Michela Vittoria Brambilla hopes to help animals find new homes, but this is never an easy task. She finds it incomprehensible that the Italian Ministry of Health not only requires long quarantine for animals entering the country, but also prohibits her association from transporting stray animals from Ukraine to Italy. She pointed out that caring for animals is a human responsibility. Nothing can overrule it.