[Hong Kong Spotlight] Animal Abusers Walk Free!

 On 14th February 2020, 29 animals were thrown from a high-rise building in Sham Tseng. The incident took 18 innocent lives, sparking an outrage in society. The World Dog Alliance (WDA) shares the same sentiment with the public, and has called for a deterring punishment for the perpetrators.

  After a seven-month police investigation, the Department of Justice (DoJ) decided not to prosecute the two suspects due to “lack of evidence”. WDA is deeply disappointed by the inaction of DoJ.

  Such a decision is absolutely unacceptable to morality upholders, let alone animal lovers. As a leading figure in animal welfare, WDA swiftly issued a statement to urge the Secretary for Justice to revisit the case. We also met with lawmakers and legal experts to discuss the legal loopholes in Hong Kong. A more holistic animal welfare law is needed in order to better protect our beloved animals.

  WDA will continue campaigning for an all-rounded animal welfare law in Hong Kong, so animal abusers will receive the penalty they rightly deserve.