HK Village House Turned into a Horrible Dog Purgatory

Animal volunteers in Hong Kong received a request for help from as many as 31 dogs trapped in a dirty village house. The place is small, and poop can be seen everywhere, most of the dogs are trapped in a small cage, some of the dogs are suffering from serious skin diseases and malnutrition. According to sources, the tenant of the village house has been out of contact for many days, and the rent has not been paid. Jacqueline was the first to rehome a dog that was as thin as a bone, while the rest of the dogs will be rescued later, she said, adding that she hopes to find a place to rehome the dogs in Sai Kung as soon as possible.

According to sources, the dog has been in purgatory for three years. Although the tenant will arrange staff to feed, but ignore the hygiene. The dog was trapped in a dirty village house, and the dog’s condition was further aggravated by the fact that the dog food was completely consumed earlier. Therefore, when Jacqueline was informed of the situation, she immediately brought dog food to the village house to feed them. She pointed out that the sanitary environment of the village house was very poor, with no fingers in sight, windows all sealed, and urine and stool everywhere.

Jacqueline rehomed one of the dogs first and said that an adult dog of this age should be 16 kg, but he was only 9 kg, which is a serious lack of nutrition. She hopes to find a suitable place for them in Sai Kung in the future, and to help them find adoptive homes.