26/9 Grand opening of “926 Dog Lovers’ Day” in Taiwan

The second“926 Dog Lovers’ Day”was held ceremoniously in Taiwan with 3 main highlights:

1. “926 Dog Lovers’ Day” Outstanding Contributions to Animal Welfare Awards

Four Taiwan congressman/congresswoman, Huang ZhaoShun, Chen XueSheng, Wang YuMin and Lin DaiHua, that contributed tremendously to legislation banning dog meat consumption were awarded the “926 Dog Lovers’ Day” Outstanding Contributions to Animal Welfare Awards.

Award Winner: Congresswoman Huang ZhaoShun


 “Thank you for all the civilized people around the world to strive for our children, the doggies, and saving them from those horrible situations. I will follow and strive alongside everybody.”



Award Winner: Congressman Chen XueSheng


“Increasing communication between Taiwan and Hong Kong is definitively effective. We will be the pioneers, as this is a way of living, we are the ones that decide our own value.”


Award Winner: Congresswoman Wang YuMin


“The utmost important thing for us to do in Taiwan is to legislate and treat dogs and cats as human’s friends. When legislation is passed in Taiwan, everyone, not matter tourists or Taiwan people, are all forbidden from eating dog and cat meat.” 


Award Winner: Congresswoman Lin DaiHua


 “Taiwan is the first country in Asia to create a stimulating effect. As in the legislation process, both the ruling party and the party out of office offered their support, showing a high degree of consensus, which created a smooth legislation process.”


2. Congressman Jiang WanAn Confers “Golden Dog Awards”

Congressman Jiang WanAn, great grandson of Jiang JieShi and grandson of Jiang JingGuo, acted as the presenter of the “Golden Dog Awards” to nine individuals and one organization that contributed to Taiwan Animal Protection. Jiang speaks highly of World Dog Alliance’s mission statement “Explicit legislation of banning dog meat consumption”.


 “I have raised four dogs since I was young, I am very close with my dogs. During my election campaign, I organized a forum with animal activists, it is then that I decided that if I got elected as congressman, I would be concerned about stray animal issues. That is why I signed the bill amending the laws banning dog and cat meat consumption, adding clauses forbidding being in possession of, selling and buying dog and cat carcass, the first reading of which has been passed on 7 July.”

10 distinguished Taiwan animal protectionists received World Dog Alliance’s “Golden Dog Award” and 10 thousand U.S. dollars cash price.

Golden Dog Award Winners List (According to number of strokes of surname, from left to right, top to bottom)

The 10 “Golden Dog Award” Winners

Raye, Zuo XiangMin, Li HongZhen, Qi WeiLian, ChiQing FaWang, Lin YiShan, Guo Xuan, Huang TaiShan, Liu JinYou, Animal Protection Association of the Republic of China

Raye directed the famous Taiwan documentary “12 Nights”, promoting the message of “Adopt, not Abandon”, indirectly contributed to the implementation of zero euthanasia.

3. Preview of Documentary Movie “Victory Cry”


“Victory Cry” is the first call-to-action documentary shedding light to Asia’s dog meat consumption problem. Producer and director Genlin leads the way onto a journey through Vietnam, South Korea, China etc., revealing the truth of the dog meat trade with the aid of five themes: Dog stealing, eating, selling, saving and righteous dogs.

A great deal of truthful and precious footage highlights the current situation of Asia’s dog meat industrial chain, also brings forward heartfelt footage of activists that steps up and courageously resists the black chain of dog meat.

The documentary movie is expected to premier in 2017, with all net proceeds going to dog related charity projects.