Genlin officially nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize 2021

Reporter: Kathy Fan, World Hall of Fame network in-depth coverage Published on November 08, 2020 at 09:07:31

Ban wildlife meat for health;

ban dog and cat meat for morality

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Half a year has passed since we covered the story of the World Dog Alliance (WDA) in May. The year 2020 is the most unusual one in human history due to a pandemic that has completely changed the world’s way of life.

Amidst the catastrophes and challenges, people have no choice but to self-reflect through introspection: what wrong have we done to bring so many natural and man-made disasters to this beautiful blue planet?

The principle of quantum mechanics reveals to us that a “harmonious community of shared destiny between humans and nature” is the ultimate truth of the universe. The concept of peace, harmony and coexistence, both on the micro- and macro-scale, is not only for mankind, but also for Mother Nature that is closely bound up with us. Thus, all of our thoughts and actions shall be filled with “love.”

Why are the Earth, the Sun, the Moon, and cells all round in shape? So that all energy waves may travel back to where they originated. Living in the same resonance field, the things we do towards animals, plants, and other human beings, will eventually circle back upon ourselves.

To stop the killing of dogs and cats, animals that are our soulmates and companions, and to ban the consumption of wildlife, dog, and cat meat, is a righteous move that could be the key to our own survival.

Celebrated Japanese entrepreneur Mr. Genlin (originally from China; Chinese name: Peng Hong Ling; Japanese name: Hiroshi Horiike) is the founder of the non-profit organization “World Dog Alliance” (WDA).

Over the past six years, he has spent his own fortune, never accepting a penny of donation from others, to campaign for an explicit ban on dog and cat meat globally. His dedication to this charitable cause enshrines the Chinese philosophy of “unity of man and nature” and “heart of benevolence” on the international stage.

As the pandemic became more severe and virus containment became the top priority, WDA gained the support of and approval from leaders around the world in a matter of two months. Unprecedentedly, WDA united 30 bipartisan US Representatives (15 Democrats and 15 Republicans) to co-sign a letter to President Donald Trump, as well as 67 cross-party UK Members of Parliament to co-sign a letter to Prime Minister Boris Johnson, urging the two governments to initiate the International Agreement to Prohibit the Eating of Dogs and Cats.

Due to Genlin’s efforts, Shenzhen became the first model city in China to outlaw dog and cat meat in March 2020. The Chinese Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs announced the National Catalogue of Livestock and Poultry Genetic Resources, removing wild animals, dogs, and cats, from the edible animal “White List.”

It is believed that China will implement a nationwide ban on dog and cat meat within the next few years.

Apart from the US, UK, and China, Genlin is also a prominent figure in the National Diet of Japan.

In February 2020, he successfully lobbied the establishment of “Cross-party Congressional Animal Welfare Alliance” with few dozen Japanese congresspeople as members. Recently, members of the alliance have been planning to co-sign a congressional letter to the new Prime Minister Suga Yoshihide, to urge the government to outlaw dog and cat meat, as well as to initiate the International Agreement to Prohibit the Eating of Dogs and Cats advocated by Genlin.

WDA has been striving to strike peace between modern civilization and nature with the following objectives:

·       Care for all life forms

Save over 30 million dogs in Asia every year

·       Protect the environment

Reduce the transmission of zoonotic diseases

·       Resolve conflicts

Governments of different countries working together to achieve a win-win situation united by the efforts of Genlin and WDA

·       Change the world

It is estimated that over 5 billion people have owned dogs or cats in their lives. Genlin and WDA spread the values of benevolence and gratefulness.

·       Create employment opportunities

It is estimated that Genlin’s campaign will add a value of over 1 trillion USD to the pet industry, especially in developing countries

·       Enshrine the spirit of philanthropy

Genlin has dedicated his personal fortune to accomplish this historic mission of humanity

·       Encourage love for animal protection

Genlin established the “Golden Dog Award,” which is given to outstanding people who contribute to environmental and animal protection.

In September 2019, five bipartisan US Representatives and Senators accepted this honor.

Love and peace are closely intertwined; most conflicts in the world stem from racism, sexism, and speciesism. Genlin advocates for love beyond the boundary of species, the highest form of love!

Thankfully, Genlin has been rightly nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize, the highest honor given to individuals who advocate for righteousness and love. In this critical moment where we face the cross paths that determine the survival of mankind, the spirit of the Nobel Peace Prize is deeply rooted in people’s minds, and is able to resolve negative feelings and behaviours like doubt, massacre, conflict, hatred, and fear. The world will go back to normal soon, and humanity will survive.

Genlin urges all scientists, educators, politicians, the media and people from all walks of life to unite to advance the spirit of “great love,” so as to change people’s thoughts and actions towards life, to rebuild the harmony of our communities and civilization, and to lead humanity to a whole new era of awakening.

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