Criminals Arrested for Illegal Betting on Dog Fighting

On 8th November 2021, a group of criminals was arrested by the police in the Chinese city of Xuzhou for illegal betting on dog fighting. These criminals come from 6 different cities in 4 provinces. Over 500,000 CNY was involved in this case. The police deployed undercover officers into the group to collect evidence. Criminals solicited customers online and organised betting on dog fighting. They then earned 10% from the betting pool. The police later took action against 31 criminals. 26 of them were detained.

According to the videos, dogs were brutally hurt by one another in cages, which has broken the hearts of animal lovers.

Editor’s Note: The prompt action by the police has punished criminals and saved many innocent but injured dogs.

This case reveals a legal loophole in China. Dog fighting is currently not illegal in the country. Police can only arrest criminals for illegal betting.

Thus, we need legislation which can really protect dogs and cats, including Anti-Animal Cruelty Law, Companion Animal Protection Law and the International Agreement to Prohibit the Eating of Dogs and Cats. These laws authorise prosecution departments to arrest criminals and protect our dogs.