12 December 2014 was the day the milestone was set for dog welfare worldwide. WDA held its founding ceremony in Hong Kong University, gathering animal activists to take the first step putting an end to dog meat consumption.

WDA Founding Ceremony of one of a kind, because there was not toasting, grand decoration or celebrating shows. All it provided was a screening of videos showing the reality of dog meat trade to guests from countries. The name “World Dog Alliance” is a symbol focusing the power of mankind to “Change Human Society, Save Dogs and Cats.”

Genlin illustrated the process of filming and investigation of the documentary. The process broke his heart. To encourage everyone to strive against the cruel practice, he asserted, “If mankind continues to neglect moral values, heaven will punish us eventually. Everyone sitting in this room must know that what we do is not just saving canine lives but also the human world. We ought to remain confident and proud for what we do.”


Attendees include animal activists from the United States, China, the United Kingdom, Thailand, Vietnam and Hong Kong. They assembled to form the word “DOG” as a token to rescue all suffering dogs.