Korean Congressman Proposes to Exclude Dog as Livestock

Animal welfare groups welcome the amendment introduced on 15th to exclude dogs from the definition of “livestock” in South Korea.

This amendment to “Livestock Product Act” highlights the contradiction that while “Animal Protection Act” defines dogs as pets, “Livestock Product Sanitation Management Act” defines them as livestock.

Absence of restriction on dog farming leads to exploitation of dogs as meat sellers endeavor to grow profits, thus the necessity of the amendment.

The recent discord between dog lovers and meat sellers in South Korean was ignited because “Livestock Product Act” had long included dogs. Although dogs are not classified as food in “Livestock Product Sanitation Management Act”, about 300 dog farms produce dog meat for consumption purpose. Around 1 million dogs live in cages with chain link floors until they are inhumanely slaughtered. South Korea is the only country that treats dogs as livestock. The flawed system and the government’s negligence have objectified dogs into mere products.

The “Public Perception of Dog Meat Survey” conducted during the animal liberation movement on 17th revealed that 8 out of 10 locals have never eaten dog meat. 46% interviewees detested dog meat, whereas only 18% deemed dogs consumable.

The groups hope that Congressman Lee Sang Don’s amendment will pass without resistance, that the contradiction in law bolstering dog meat industry will cease to exist, and that South Korea will be rid of the stigma being the only nation that accepts farming, distribution, and consumption of dog meat. It will be a leap of progress in coexistence of humanity and other animals.

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