Collation of Proposals, Motions and Recommendations of the 2023 Hong Kong deputies to the National People’s Congress (II)

I. Hong Kong member of the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) and Hong Kong Legislative Council member Peter Douglas Koon

The proposal advocates a gradual ban on the consumption of dogs, cats and wild animals.

Peter Douglas Koon believes that a ban on wild animals can effectively reduce the spread of diseases, pointing out that a ban on meat that has not been quarantined and inspected and can easily spread diseases is of great significance in preventing major public safety risks and safeguarding people’s lives and health. He suggested a national blueprint for banning the consumption of dogs, cats and wild animals, a precise timetable for a comprehensive ban, a general law on animal protection and management, occasional unannounced inspections of dog and cat farms and food establishments, higher penalties for illegal import and export of wild animals, and enhanced education in school activities so that the next generation understands the importance of “respecting life”. The importance of “respect for life” should be made clear to the next generation.

II. Representative Cally Kwong, Hong Kong deputies to the National People’s Congress and President of the Hong Kong Zhuhai Association

Suggestions are made to increase awareness of animal protection. In addition to improving regulation in law, it is important to start with education, using moral codes to infect, move and awaken everyone’s awareness of animal love and protection. Through education to increase emotional education and awareness of life, to help the healthy growth of young people, but also the heritage of the traditional Chinese culture and virtues.