[China Spotlight] Companion Animal Life Education Centers Launched

On June 6, 2021, the launching ceremony of China’s first batch of companion animal life education centers was held in Shanghai. The project was sponsored by the Companion Animal Working Group of the Green Development Association. Xiao Qing, Deputy Secretary-general of the Green Development Association, attended the meeting and gave a speech.

People’s Representative Zhao Wanping, also attended the meeting and said,

“Legislation prohibiting cruelty to animals must be enacted as soon as possible. Only with a legal basis can animal cruelty be effectively curbed. Being kind to animals is not only a sign of China’s social civilization and progress, but a message to the people all over the world. It directly affects the international public opinion, and bolsters the great rejuvenation of our nation. Prior to national legislation, the promotion of civil forces is particularly important, and the launch of the “Companion Animal Life Education Center Project” cannot come soon enough.”

The Companion Animal Working Group of the Green Development Association plans to jointly build 100 companion animal life education centers nationwide in 3 years, and systematically carry out companion animal work, including the establishment of affordable hospitals for stray animals, the promotion of human and dog integration, the undertaking of life education science, social responsibility for training, first-line animal rescue, establishment of a global adoption network, and food donation for domestic aid stations.

Editor’s note: The grand launching ceremony attracted the attention of the public and media. Companion animal protection is the hottest topic in China today. The World Dog Alliance has been working hard in China for many years. Its founder Genlin was sincerely gratified to see today’s grand occasion. He hoped to join hands with heroes of all walks of life to work together for the protection of companion animals in China.

On June 5, an unfortunate drowning accident occurred in Zhengzhou, Henan. Three people drowned including the owner of a Golden Retriever called Babao. Babao stayed at the scene and refused to leave or be approached by anyone. After a day and a night, Babao’s eyes were red from crying. Finally, the volunteers brought the deceased’s old clothes to the scene. Babao entered the car after feeling the smell of the owner and was successfully rescued. (Source: Beijing Headline)

Editor’s note: The Chinese version of “Faithful Dog Hachiko” showed the dog’s love and loyalty to humans. And what have humans done in return? Put down the cleave and honor their life contribution to mankind. “Change human society, save dogs and cats”. Be the voice of the furry children!