[China Spotlight] Animal Protection in China

News on Animal Protection in China:

  1. Beginning in 2021, the Art Theater of Shanghai Dramatic Arts Center will set up seats for the visually impaired accompanied by guide dogs every Sunday. The 13 and 19 seats in the front row of the theater will be dedicated for them. This is the first theater in China that welcomes guide dogs.

Editor’s note: The Law of the People’s Republic of China on the Protection of Disabled Persons was implemented on 1 July 2008, which stipulates that “blind persons who carry guide dogs in and out of public places shall comply with national regulations.” Since 2015, guide dogs have been allowed to enter the Beijing subway and buses. However, many blind people with guide dogs are not allowed to enter supermarkets. The Shanghai Dramatic Art Center has set a good example. It not only reflects our respect for working dogs, but also reflects the society’s care for the disabled, which is a symbol of civilization.

  1. According to the indictment recently published by China Procuratorate, a dog stealing gang in Chongqing was prosecuted for producing and selling poisoned needles, shooting dogs, and processing and selling poisoned dogs. Taking all the circumstances into consideration, the public prosecution agency respectively recommended the sentence of 6 defendants to imprisonment ranging from 5 years to 5 and a half years, and 6 months to 8 months.

Editor’s note: The “final touch” in the prosecutors’ office is a good news for volunteers on the frontline. In the battle against the robbery, drug, and killing of the black industry chain, the animal activists have endured criticisms and censures. They have nothing but enthusiasm and courage. They might have broken laws, but now it is evident that their actions are solely for the purpose of fighting crimes. They have saved dogs, cats, and humans.

  1. The Haitian Community Animal Civilization Construction Association signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Zhongnan University of Economics and Law, the Law Research Base of the Chinese Law Society, and the Central South Procuratorate Research Institute of the Supreme People’s Procuratorate. Haitian City will become the legal practice base for the construction of animal civilization. All parties will carry out all-round cooperation and exchanges.

Editor’s note: The Haitian Community Animal Civilization Construction Association, promoted and directed by Professor Qian, is currently a shining star among China’s companion animal charity organizations. In the Chinese mainland public welfare organization, the concept of “animal civilization” is proposed, and the community is sinking to the most basic level, contacting the neighborhood committee and the property of the community, and proposing “own cats and dogs to manage by themselves”. During the Spring Festival, the association also launched a New Year’s Eve dinner for stray cats, so that stray animals can also have a peaceful and warm festival.

WDA Regional Director of Mainland China

Sky Liu

13 February 2021