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Recent news on animal protection in China:

1. According to the announcement of the National People’s Congress, the 2020 National People’s Congress Presidium will submit a total of 24 representative proposals to the Agricultural and Rural Committee for deliberation, involving 13 legislative proposals. Among them, there are 7 bills enacting the Anti-Animal Cruelty Law (Companion Animal Protection and Management Law), accounting for about one-third of all bills, and the public opinion is the highest.

Editor’s note: According to historical public information, in 2018, the National People’s Congress submitted 13 representative proposals to the Agriculture and Rural Committee for deliberation, involving 7 legislative items, including 3 proposals on the formulation of a law to prevent animal cruelty; in 2019, the National People’s Congress handed it to the Agriculture and Rural Committee A total of 25 representative bills were considered, involving 14 legislative items, including 3 bills on the formulation of the Anti-Animal Cruelty Law (Companion Animal Protection and Management Law). It can be seen from this that a qualitative leap has been completed in 2020, and the 2021 report has not yet been released, which is worth looking forward to.

2. Recently, East China Normal University has become viral with their new project. Aiming at the stray cats and dogs on campus, the Animal Protection Association of East China Normal University has launched a small program called “China Normal University Small and Large Animals”. The mini program makes business cards for stray cats and dogs, and carries out a full range of science popularization from feeding, disease, adoption, sterilization, etc. People who want to adopt cats, cats and dogs can apply for adoption according to their status. It fully reflects the humanization of the school in dealing with stray animals.

Editor’s note: In addition to East China Normal University, these domestic universities are also “animal-friendly” universities, Peking University (Peking University Cat Association), Nanjing University (Nan University Pet Home), Shenzhen University (Shenzhen University Animal Protection Platform), Zhejiang University (ZJUers of Zhejiang University) Animal protection).

Netizens commented that school is not only a place to learn knowledge, but also a place to learn how to be a good person. Actively guide students to do the right things from the perspective of love and responsibility…This is the attitude that a college should have.

WDA Regional Director of Mainland China

Sky Liu

29 April 2021