Northeast Philadelphia’s Wet Nose Rescue Saves 12 Dogs From Yulin Dog Meat Festival in China

Sign here to ban dog meat consumption✍?: “A Philadelphia animal rescue traveled more than 16,000 miles last week to save a dozen dogs from a festival in China where the canines were set to be killed for their meat.” Read more: #iamnotfood Source: NBC Philadelphi Win Free Kroger Fuel Points today at

United States Congressman Alcee. L Hastings Submits Bill – Dog and Cat Meat Ban

World Dog Alliance has been promoting clear legislation on banning dog meat consumption in the United States since 2015, since the most frequent challenge from the East is that even Western countries do not have legislation banning dog meat consumption. This is the primary cause for World Dog Alliance’s promotion of “explicit legislation banning dog […]

Meeting with U.S. Hero Dog Rescuer Marc Ching on 16 Oct

U.S. dog rescuer Marc Ching was invited to Genlin’s home in Malibu as a guest to discuss the issue of banning dog meat consumption in China. Marc Ching saved over 1000 dogs in the Yulin dog meat festival this year, instantly becoming a worshipped animal activist by Europe and the States. Marc hopes to cooperate […]