Strict Canine Regulation in Chengdu, China — 22 Dog Breeds Banned

The dog in the photo is a Chinese Dog (Canis lupus familiaris in Latin). Now, even the Chinese Dog was on the banning list as well. It was criticised by Chinese animal activists, and it also confused Westerners. Chinese animal activists have criticised the measure, and it is confusing the Westerners. In Chengdu, a German […]

The Fourth 926 Dog Lovers’ Day held in Shanghai

  World Dog Alliance(WDA) is pleased to announce that the Fourth 926 Dog Lovers’ Day cum Genlin’s Painting Exhibition in Shanghai has been a massive success. The festival aims at promoting legislation against dog meat consumption and exacerbating the punishment for dog theft in China. Over 200 guests devoted to animal welfare, education, law and […]

Sign the petition to ban dog meat in Japan!

——— > GLOBAL MOVEMENT <——— Please help sign the petition & recirculate widely! World Dog Alliance is campaigning Japan Legislators, petition initiated by Japanese activist Shigeo Kouno: PETITION LINK ▶: WDA have presented findings and facts to Japan Legislators and we now have their attention! FACTS and FINDINGS in JAPAN: – 453 tons of […]

BBF Brigitte Auloy helps Chinese beggar’s kitten

World Dog Alliance’s Director of Development Jason Pang had an extraordinary experience during his trip to Chengdu to meet with Auloy from Brigitte Bardot Foundation from August 29 to 31. Auloy went to Chengdu to have more than 30 stray cats living in Wenshu Monastary desexed. She had to finish the work alone, including moving the […]

Killing dogs for consumption is illegal in Slovakia now

Slovakia has recently (in force since 1st September 2018) amended its law on veterinary care to include a ban on killing of “pet animals” for purposes of consumption or for the purpose of selling for consumption. It does not however ban consumption itself. Fines for breaching are set between 300-800 EUR.   The responsible Ministry […]

Why we do not eat cat or dog meat

Why we do not eat cat or dog meat Author: Liu Wei-liang (Traveling writer in German) Cultures around the world differs in ethics and habits on consuming meat. Taiwanese people have always treated cows as work partners. Locals voluntarily refuse to eat beef out of  respect.The Taiwanese government banned cat and dog meat with the […]

20 dogs in shelter slaughtered for human consumption

Taiwan police announced its full investigation on a missing case of 20 dogs on 26 July. It is confirmed that the 20 dogs adopted by a man and his uncle from three public shelters were sold to a man in Dajia District in Taichung. They were slaughtered by his Vietnamese migrant worker. Police found remains […]

Charm Even Celebrities Can’t Resist

Charm Even Celebrities Can’t Resist Pure love, unconditional loyalty and forever with you, are the reasons dogs could “enslave” so many hearts of people, many of whom have dogs as part of their lives to heal the stress built up in the office. Many celebrities secure their emotional needs from dogs. Some consider themselves “enslaved” […]

High Praise as President of Ireland Brings Dog to Work

High Praise as President of Ireland Brings Dog to Work One of the best employee benefits in Google is dogs are allowed in the office. According to a research conducted in the U.S., about 40% of U.S. employees would exchange pay raise and vacations for the right to bring their dogs to work. President Michael […]

Two Generations of Thai Royal Dogs

The late Thai King Bhumibol Adulyadej always attended events and ceremonies with his dog Thong Deang. The dog was always under the spotlights. South Korean first dog Tori suddenly becomes the global sensation after showing up in an anti-dog-meat event. As the companion animal of a national leader, it has no doubts to be the […]