Alliance launched to push for dog meat ban in Asia

Alliance launched to push for dog meat ban in Asia Written by Kyodo News & Published by ABS-CNS An international alliance was launched in Taipei on Thursday aiming to push Asian countries to outlaw the slaughter of dogs and cats for human consumption and to end the dog meat trade in places that include Japan. […]

Letters from US Congressmen to call for a dog meat ban in Japan

Congressmen Alcee Hastings, Norma Torres and Nanette Barragan wrote a letter to Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe to call for a dog meat ban in Japan. A similar letter was written by retired Congressman Jeff Denham, who introduced a dog and cat meat ban in the United States last year.

WDA Founder Genlin and Legislator Wang visited Japan to promote legislation against dog meat consumption

Genlin, the founder of World Dog Alliance, and Taiwan Legislator Wang visited the National Diet of Japan to attend the “explicitly banning dog meat consumption” meeting with Japanese policy-makers on 12th February. The Japanese legislators and officials were presented justifications on the necessity of such a ban. Officials from Ministry of Environment, Cabinet Legislation Bureau and Hidehisa Otsuji, […]

Japan: Ban Dog Meat Parliamentary event on 15-Nov-2018

  Thank you Mr. Kusuo Oshima, Councillor of Japan Democratic Party for the People, for organizing this important parliamentary event in the National Diet of Japan 国会 to promote a legal ban on the eating of dogs nationwide. On 15th November, 2018, WDA and Mr. Kusuo Oshima held a parliamentary event to screen a video […]

Sign the petition to ban dog meat in Japan!

——— > GLOBAL MOVEMENT <——— Please help sign the petition & recirculate widely! World Dog Alliance is campaigning Japan Legislators, petition initiated by Japanese activist Shigeo Kouno: PETITION LINK ▶: WDA have presented findings and facts to Japan Legislators and we now have their attention! FACTS and FINDINGS in JAPAN: – 453 tons of […]

Cats to be Culled to Protect Rare Species

1000 stray Cats to be Culled for World Heritage Sign petition against it here Protect Cats from easy Killing that excludes World Heritage WDA and Public Interest Incorporated Foundation of Doubutu Kikin (Animal Fund) have urged the Japanese government to withdraw the decision to cull innocent cats to protect rare species, even when no death […]