Bringing Awareness to the Dog Meat Trade: Soi Dog Event held in Vancouver, B.C

Cristy Baker, Adoptions Manager from the Soi Dog Foundation will be in Vancouver, B.C for a get together with fellow adopters, fosterers, andvolunteers helping animals who have been saved from the barbaric dog meat trade in Thailand. The Soi Dog Foundation, which has a Canadian branch in B.C, work tirelessly to save thousands of homeless street dogs as well as on the way to be tortured for the dinner table in Asia.

Cristy, direct from Thailand along with Belinda Davis the Fundraising & Communications manager from Portland, and local representative Candace Cornock- the Lead Volunteer Regional Representative for Canada, will be on hand to chat with current adopters but will also give out information to potential volunteers, adopters, and fosters about the benefits of supporting out of country rescue organizations.

The Soi Dog Foundation has received international recognition for its rescue work, and has drawn the attention of supporters including Ricky Gervais, Judi Dench, and members of Downton Abbey who have spoken out against dogs being tortured and slaughtered for their meat.

B.C dog lovers are some of the strongest supporters of adopting these dogs as well as sharing and signing petitions demanding the ban of the illegal dog trade. All are all invited to this get together with volunteers to see all the work this rescue organization is doing to better the lives of dogs in need.

Wednesday Feb 17.
4:45- 7:00pm
South Arm United Church 11051 No 3 Rd, Richmond, BC V7A 1X3, Canada
1 604-277-4020

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