BBF Brigitte Auloy helps Chinese beggar’s kitten

World Dog Alliance’s Director of Development Jason Pang had an extraordinary experience during his trip to Chengdu to meet with Auloy from Brigitte Bardot Foundation from August 29 to 31. Auloy went to Chengdu to have more than 30 stray cats living in Wenshu Monastary desexed. She had to finish the work alone, including moving the cats to the hospital and setting up temporary shelters.

One day in Auloy’s trip, she passed by a beggar taking care of a stray kitten in the burning Sun heating up the air to 38 degree celsius. The beggar was fanning the kitten to cool it down. It was wrapped in his arms like a baby. Auloy decided to help them. She had the kitten vaccinated and hired a driver to bring it home afterwards.

Jason and Auloy purchased a pet carrier, a cat bed and a year worth of cat food for the beggar. Many locals including staff of the monastery were worried that she had been scammed because of her ignorance on China’s beggar culture. She explained that the beggar had been reluctant to have his kitten vaccinated until he had been told that it was for the kitten’s own good. That had convinced Auloy that he was willing to do what was right for his pet, who was a stray just like him.

Jason admired Auloy’s passion and patience to save animals with her own hands. The experience strengthened his belief that World Dog Alliance’s mission to promote legislation to explicitly ban dog meat consumption would be a greater alternative to save millions of dogs, to think that rescuing even just one kitten could take whole day.