Animals are no longer Commodities in Turkey

After years of campaigning, animals are no longer commodities, according to the latest legislation on animal welfare. Led by the ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP), the Turkish legislature has recently passed a new version of the Animal Welfare Law.

Turkey no longer sees animals as ‘commodities’. Insteading of receiving small fines for destruction of property, animal abusers now face imprisonment from six months to four years. The new legislation also establishes animal protection police squads and regulates the sales of dogs and cats.

The World Dog Alliance (WDA) appreciates the efforts of animal organisations for campaigning for animal rights, and is grateful for the commitment of the Turkish government. This legislation marks a milestone in Turkey, where animals are no longer commodities, but fellow citizens of the country.

Dogs and cats are humans’ best friends. They are our companions. This is why the WDA is currently promoting the International Agreement to Prohibit the Eating of Dogs and Cats.