Animal Protection Law and its Implementation

A lost cat was brought to a police station on January 31. The police officers did not follow proper procedures and released the cat into the riverbed. The owner later rushed to the police station and could not find his cat. Police officers involved in the case are now being accused of abandoning a lost cat.

Countries such as the US, the UK and the Netherlands are advanced in the field of animal protection. Specialists there are well trained and authorised with various powers, including protecting animals and arresting abusers.

Currently, animal protection in Japan can only be upheld by the police. However, not every police officer is an animal lover. We can indeed create a better society for humans and animals by giving some animal protection duties to animal welfare specialists. The police must be happy to see some of their routine being reduced.

Experts in various countries have pointed out that people who have abused animals such as dogs and cats are very likely to turn to humans as their targets. Even in Japan, there are reports of animal abuses by brutal murders. The establishment of animal police can prevent further crimes.

We hope animal police will be established as soon as possible and become experts in protecting animals.