A New Campaign in Norway

The Founder of World Dog Alliance (WDA), Genlin has always believed that the promotion of a ban on dog and cat meat helps to promote peaceful coexistence between humans and animals, and he believes that the peace-loving people of Norway will agree with him. Promoting a legal ban on dog and cat meat in Norway is a great act of love for animal welfare. Norway is one of the ‘five Nordic countries’, with frequent exchanges and similar values among them. If Norway takes the lead in banning the eating of dogs and cats, the other four countries – Sweden, Finland, Denmark and Iceland – are bound to follow suit, allowing more countries to ban this barbaric practice legally.

In 2019, the WDA promoted explicit legislation against dog meat in Norway, but despite the support of MPs from different parties, the government did not take any concrete actions. Genlin believes that the lack of dog meat consumption in Western countries is the main reason why the government is not actively promoting local legislation. But he also notes that Norwegians have a broad view of the world and do not question the need for legislation. This is related to Norwegian education: Norwegians are taught from an early age to think about the welfare of the world. Therefore, Genlin decided to start again with an international perspective and come up with a new strategy.

In 2022, the WDA promotes the International Agreement to Prohibit the Eating of Dogs and Cats in Norway, which it is hoped to become the basic legal framework for the protection of dogs and cats, and which, if initiated by the powerful countries, will have the effect of influencing the entire world. The WDA is currently lobbying the government to include the International Agreement in the whitepaper of the upcoming Comprehensive Animal Protection Bill, which has gained the support of several MPs.