A Holy War to Defend our Loyal Companions

My love for animals — especially for dogs — has always been innate and I can’t remember a time when I didn’t love dogs. Many people who are unfamiliar with dogs tend to treat them as dependents in our society, but what these people tend to overlook is that dogs provide just as much as we do to them. As well as providing ceaseless joy in our everyday lives, dogs reward us with their unconditional love, protection, and loyalty; it goes without saying that these are rare qualities in human beings.

In order to show my gratitude to our loyal companions, I have made it my mission to use my standing in the media to campaign on their behalf. This is because I wish to give a voice to those are not able to speak for themselves. So far, I have closely watched the evolving attitudes of animal welfare in Asia. I have seen changes in the public opinion of Taiwan regarding animal welfare, as basic rights such as stamping out euthanasia in favour of zero-culling have replaced outdated animal rights views in the country.

Now that I am a proud member and supporter of World Dog Alliance (WDA) , I am endeavouring to spread word of their good work and their values, not just in Taiwan but all across the globe. WDA’s ultimate mission is to instil one simple universal value: animals and humans are equal, and will be treated as such.

Let us begin by boycotting dog meat through legislation, and give a voice to those who cannot speak for themselves.

Taiwan General Representative