World Dog Alliance (WDA) held the “Taiwan Hong Kong Dog Lovers’ Forum” on 16 May, discussing the amendment of “Animal Protection Laws” in Taiwan with councilmen and animal organizations. We hope Taiwan can be the starting point for Asian countries to legislate the banning of dog meat consumption.


Councilman Chen XueSheng, councilwomen Huang ZhaoShun, Wang YuMin, ex-councilwoman Yang YuXin, and councilwoman Lin DaiHua’s representative, along with multiple animal organizations that are active on the amendment of “Animal Protection Laws” were invited to share their thoughts on advising WDA on promoting other Asian countries on legislation banning dog meat consumption.

WDA submitted related documents to the councilmen/ councilwomen.


Councilwoman Huang ZhaoShun posted on her blog commending the forum, WDA and our founder Genlin.



Councilwoman Wang YuMin posted on Facebook about the forum, and supports legislation banning dog meat consumption.



Please see below the footage of the forum:

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